Registration Registration

Registration Registration

No School ID, No Schoolies ID

Who is entitled to a Schoolies ID?

To qualify as a ‘schoolie' which will enable you to obtain the official Whitsunday Schoolies ID, you must be a graduating Year 12 or TAFE equivalent student from and Australian Educational institution in 2016. 
To obtain the schoolie ID you MUST provide evidence to prove that you are a legitimate year 12 or TAFE equivalent school leaver, such as your current student ID.

Why Register?

All school leavers should register as an official Schoolie to make the most of their experience in the Whitsundays.

Get your ID! - What does it get you?

$50.00 per person gets you the TOP HOT 10! 

1. Souvenir Schoolies photo ID and wristband.
2. FREE activities during the day and at night @ Schoolies Central and around.
3. Schoolies GIG guide
4. FREE entry into the Red Frog DJ Stage each night
5. Access to the dance party tickets @ Magnums nightclub. Please note each dance party is  $10 per person, and can only be purchased once you have registered at Schoolies Central.
6. Discounts on selected tours, retail and food outlets
7. FREE bus travel for 'Schoolies only' day and night
8. Free flavoured milk every night from the Chill Out Zone
9. Access to all ‘Schoolies' areas
10. Sausage sizzle during Saturday and Sunday

You must bring your current school photo ID to register at Schoolies Central! NO school ID, NO schoolies ID

Please note: Dance Party tickets at Magnums are in addition to your registration fee.     Dance Party tickets can be purchased at Schoolies Central once you have registered for $10.00 per dance party.

How Do I Register?

  • Bring the required ID and registration fee along to your pre regisration location or to the Schoolies Central Registration Area. The cost of registration in 2016 is $50.
  • Answer a few quick questions and receive your receipt.
  • A volunteer will attach your wrist band
  • Have your photo taken by one of our photographers.
  • Receive your photo ID card and complimentary souvenir items, including the Schoolies Pocket Gig Guide.

Required ID:

  • School ID with photograph and date of birth or year level. If your school ID does not show either your photo or D.O.B. or year level, please bring some documentation that shows you are a genuine Year 12 school leaver (eg. genuine certificate or letter from your school) as well as some form of photo ID from the list below:
  • Driver's Licence
  • 18+ Card
  • Passport

If sufficient ID is not provided, you will need to register on Monday to allow for appropriate checks to be completed.

Where Do I Register?

You can either pre register prior to Schoolies at a location and time specified below or register on the day at Schoolies Central which is  located at the central Airlie Beach Car Park (next to the Lagoon).

When Do I Register?









At Schoolies Central: 

Saturday 19 November: 8.00am - 9.00pm
Sunday 20 November: 9.00am - 8.00pm
Monday 21 November: 4.00pm - 8.00pm
Tuesday 22 November: 4.00pm - 8.00pm
Wednesday 23 November: 4.00pm - 8.00pm