Important Schoolies Information

Of course you’re going to celebrate at Schoolies, that’s the whole point! But it’s important to know about some of
the main issues
that could affect you and your friends while you’re having a good time, and what to do if things
don’t go quite the way you planned!


  • Set your own limits and goals. Don’t be pressured into doing anything you’re not comfortable with.

  • Drink spiking can happen. Never allow someone else to buy you a drink and always watch your drink – don’t leave it unattended.

  • Look after yourself and don’t put yourself in a position where you are alone with someone you don’t know well.

  • Avoid violence. Walk away, cool down and avoid fights, or risk the physical, emotional and criminal consequences.

  • Always walk on well-lit streets.

  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged.

  • Have a designated meeting area with your friends.

  • Be safe and watch your mates!

Alcohol and Drugs

You don’t have to drink to have a good time!

Alcohol can turn a fun night out into a nightmare. Whether you choose to drink or not, it’s important to know

the facts, risks and laws involving alcohol and how these can affect you and your friends. Think before you

drink – excessive drinking can lead to dangerous behaviour and serious consequences for you and your

friends. There are on the spot fines for a minor using a fake ID and for underage drinking or possession

of alcohol in public.

Using illicit drugs is illegal and no drug is completely safe – so why put yourself or your friends at risk?

Drugs can alter the way your body functions and the way you feel.

There are no controls on what illegal drugs contain and a range of

reactions can be unexpected, unwelcome and in some cases, fatal. 

Sexual Assault

No means no, sexual assault is a crime!

If you have been sexually assaulted it’s not your fault and you don’t have to deal with it alone. You can call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) for advice. You can go to the local police station or call Triple Zero (000) to report the crime. You should also see a doctor who can treat any injuries or STI’s.

Safe Sex

You decide when to have sex, who to have sex with and to have safe sex every time. Keep in mind that what you choose to do can affect your life!

Accommodation – play by the rules!

If a dispute arises with your accommodation provider or landlord, check the booking agreement, terms  and conditions and/or the house rules, to determine your rights and responsibilities. Try to resolve the  dispute with your landlord or accommodation provider face-to-face. The best thing you can do is be polite, courteous and don’t lose your temper. Remember to double check how many people are allowed in your room and bring your booking agreement with you!


Be mindful and respect your neighbours. If the police visit because of loud music or noise, take notice and either wind down the party or move it elsewhere. If you feel like listening to loud music, join as at Schoolies Central where there’s a party every night! Always be polite and courteous while dealing with the police, as this will most likely prevent any further hassles and result in a quick resolution.

During Schoolies week, you might be away from home, but you’re staying in someone else’s community. Please respect and consider the local community and the volunteers at Schoolies Central. A lot of people have given up their time to volunteer during Schoolies to make your experience as fun and safe as possible!

The Ice Break Chill Out Zone

The Ice Break Chill Out Zone is to do just that - chill! If it's all getting a little too much and you need somewhere to relax,
re-hydrate, rejuvenate or access help stop by the Ice Break Chill Out Zone!

The Ice Break Chill Out Zone is located at Schoolies Central and is open from 7.00pm - midnight every day.

Swimming and sun safety

Never swim alone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or at night in the sea. Also keep in mind that it is stinger season and that sun safety is important!

Be Shark Smart





























Remember that ambulance officers will NOT notify police when they respond to an emergency where illegal drugs are involved unless: there is a risk to physical safety, a death has occured or a person has suffered a violent injury